Visitor management




Do you want to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the rooms in buildings or protected areas on a site that have been released for you? With our complete visitor management program, you are ideally equipped to record and manage your visitors digitally and to equip them with a variety of different badges.


Pridento VMS

The Pridento VMS software organizes, structures, and helps employees at the reception and gate to keep visitor management in your company as simple as possible. There are optional functions that can be retrofitted at any time. We are happy to help with the implementation, the adaptation to your requirements, and the implementation in existing databases and company networks.


With Pridento VMS you can easily implement and process visitation processes digitally. The pre-registration of visitors via the pre-registration module relieves the gate. It gives you the opportunity to react immediately and flexibly to changes in the visit date. The data entered is immediately visible at the gate, so your reception staff can see at all times which visitor is expected and when. More information.



If a visitor is not logged in, this can of course is entered and managed during operation. If desired, integration into the existing infrastructure, for example, access control or canteen billing, is also possible. Even the administration of external employees and temporary workers is no problem with the visitor administration via Pridento VMS.


Acting correctly in an emergency situation

In an emergency situation, seconds often make the difference. Correct and organized action has top priority here. With Pridento VMS you can create and print evacuation and emergency lists for fire and other events in no time.