The SMARTPHONE - solution for use as a guard control system, working time recording and securing individual workplaces.


With the Datix2App, CSS offers a multi-purpose app for NFC-enabled Android smartphones. In conjunction with the Datix-Suite user software (as a cloud service (SaaS) or as a locally installed license) you get an easy-to-use solution for time recording and attendance control of mobile emergency services, tour monitoring, event logging and individual workplace monitoring.


Multimedia function
Events and activities that are to be logged during a tour can be recorded in a simple manner. Information such as a description of the events, a comment on the photo taken can be entered in an event mask. Acknowledgment is acknowledged with the signature function.


Additional advantages:

  • Detection of NFC control points for tours or for registration / deregistration at the location
  • "Real-time operation" through the online transmission of recorded data and control points
  • Collecting, transporting and reading the devices is no longer necessary
  • The devices can be located at any time via control points or GPS (optional, depending on the configuration).
  • Can also be used as individual job security without control points
  • Intuitive user interface and simple menu navigation
  • The user sees the current status of his lap on the display


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  • Simple, practical and professional

    The Datix2App basically requires the installation of checkpoints at the locations to be inspected by your employees. The checkpoints have a unique ID, which is recorded by the staff during the tours with a smartphone. The stored information is transmitted directly to the Datix Suite database via GPRS transmission in order to be able to produce lap records or reports with times and locations later. In the event of an alarm or event, an acoustic signal sounds in the real-time monitor to immediately initiate help or countermeasures.

  • The employee can press the SOS button at his own discretion. The alarm functions for the emergency procedure in the event of a position alarm or immobility can be set up individually. If the pre-alarm is not switched off after the countdown, this is done automatically
    a call and / or SMS notifications to the previously defined emergency call recipients.


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