Key Conductor accessories


The heart of our solution is always the KeyCop - an RFID-compatible security seal to which several or a single key is permanently attached. Once the key is attached to the seal and the seal is locked, it cannot be removed without cutting the cable. The cable splices irreparably and the seal is destroyed.


The KeyCop is available in different colors or color combinations and can of course also be provided with an individual text, logo and a barcode using a laser process.

The KeyCop contains a standard Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag, which is provided with a unique identification number with which it can be clearly identified.


The numbering of each key seal can thus be read out in three independent ways: with the help of the plain text on the seal by scanning the barcode or by reading out the RFID tag.


We can only create individual offers for the KeyCops. Have we sparked your interest? Contact us using the contact form !


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