The real time guard control system


ActiveGuard is an innovative real-time guard control system for the documentation of guard services. Unlike traditional offline guard control systems, the data is not collected and read out at the end of a round/shift. Instead, each registration of a control point is sent directly to the TourTrax real-time monitor via GPRS/GSM data transmission and evaluated "in real time". ActiveGuard not only provides a real-time overview of staff activities, but also increases security.


The alarm/panic button integrated in the data acquisition device enables the control personnel to send an alarm call to the control center unnoticed at any time. Telephoning is also possible with ActiveGuard. The special feature of the "ActiveGuard cell phone" is that the user cannot make private calls indiscriminately. Instead, by pressing the "Call me" button, he signals to the control center that he urgently wants to be called. This is then also possible at any time from up to eight specified telephone numbers. The "ActiveGuard cell phone" does not accept calls from unknown callers; a stored phone number can actively call it.

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ActiveGuard - Set 3 with position alarm sensor and 3G

  • The real-time guard control system in a class of its own with integrated cell phone function and panic button. Set consisting of:

    1 data acquisition device ActiveGuard - To use the device a SIM card with tariff for GPRS data transmission is required (not included in the price. 1 ActiveGuard charger incl. power supply unit, 2 CSS transponders "Unique" 30 mm.

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