incl. 1 standard charger, 1 USB connection cable, 1 charging cradle, 1 belt clip cell phone holder,

1 hands-free car kit.


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Emergency cell phone MGD002 with GPS module

  • The MGD002® is the handy and practical protection and alarm solution when it comes to the safety of employees working alone. With the MGD002®, your employees are safe and protected even if they are regularly out of sight or hearing range.

    With the MGD002® from CSS Computer Security Service GmbH, you can start working after just a few minutes. The device is also compatible with all common GSM providers.

    To protect your employees effectively, the MGD002® has two special emergency call buttons and an automatic position alarm system. After an automatic or intentional triggering of an emergency call, a secured call cascade to five phone numbers and/or the sending of an individually adjustable SMS message consisting of 39 characters follows. Automatic alarm signals are followed by the activation of a localization siren (sound identification) to make it easier to locate an unconscious person.

    MGD002's password protected interface allows the administrator to select the means of communication available to the user: Calls, SMS, e-mail, photo camera/video camera.

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