Mobile key management for vehicles

The OKKI key management system facilitates the transport and storage of keys and leads to cost savings in key management.


The OKKI key management system fulfills the key safety instructions issued by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services in 2010. The system is protected by utility model right No. 10277 from the Finnish Patent and Register Office.


The OKKI key management system was developed for the security and real estate industry as well as for companies in the health and care service. The small footprint and versatility of the OKKI key cabinets and docks make it possible to place several key cabinets even in small cars and thus to transport a large number of keys simplified. The pole docks installed in the passenger's footwell can be adjusted in height and inclination to facilitate their installation and use. Thanks to the adjustments to the housing and the foot parts, the key management system is suitable for almost all cars and vans.


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OKKI - key manager

  • It is easy to take the keys out of the key boards and hang them back. The quick-release fasteners and color-numbered labels help with the sorting of the keys, as well as to recognize which key is missing.

    When the housing is tilted, the keys are on a padded rear wall, which reduces possible rattling noises while driving. It is also possible to attach a holder for a telephone, tablet, GPS device or the like to be attached to the driver's side - either permanently or with a Velcro fastener.

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