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Behind the name Pridento VMS (V isitor M anagement S ystems) hide affordable and easy-to-use solutions for visitor management. These usually consist of a card or paper ID printer, Pridento visitor management software, consumables (different items depending on the package) and visitor ID cards made of paper or plastic (also different items depending on the package). Put your visitor management together individually using many different options!


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Pridento VMS

  • Visitor badges can be created easily. Booking visitors is just as easy. Software and database can be installed with little effort. You can work with visitor management as soon as you receive the system.

    Would you like to know when which visitor was in the house at a certain time? With a look at the visitor archive you have the answer immediately. To protect your employees and visitors, you can easily print out emergency and evacuation lists. Pridento VMS is available in the Basic and Advanced versions.


    • Visitor badges on paper or plastic card with barcode
    • Predefined ID card layouts
    • Simple and intuitive operation for optimal workflow
    • Client for a gate workplace
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