Key management

Locker systems, key and device management. 


If you need useful organisational equipment for your keys, tools etc., you have the choice between traditional mechanical systems or modern technology. 


Whenever you need a safe storage of equipment and operating materials, our locker systems with automatic logging of all activities are the first choice.


Key management

There is a wide range of tools for key management.


The easiest are the mechanical cabinets that you can use for the organization.


In order to keep track of larger quantities of keys, there are IT-supported electronic cabinets up to large cabinet systems for hundreds of keys.


You want to organize and store your keys securely in vehicles or other mobile situations? We offer you mobile solutions.




Three categories of key management

There are three categories of key management.










Electronic key management


Discover the solution to store and organise your keys. Automatic issue & return saves you time and creates transparency. Every movement is recorded in an audit-proof manner. 

The KeyCop product range is a flexible and cost-effective solution for the automatic issue and return of keys. Unique on the market is the modularity of the system. Whether key board, manual key issuance or key cabinet. We have the solution.


From a small entry-level solution with barcode scanner and software (ideal for gate applications) to complex key cabinets with electronically lockable doors, everything is possible. A complete booking control of all picked up and dropped off keys, which is also displayed at any time, is a matter of course and always up-to-date.


The possibility of remote-controlled key release also offers great flexibility in case of emergency or special operations. Would you like a connection to the access control system or a link to tour management? No problem, we also offer the solution!







Mechanical key management

Mechanical key managers in various designs. With a key manager from CSS, problems with the storage of keys are history. Thanks to the clear structure of the key manager, you will find your keys faster and more stress-free than ever before. The system can be used immediately and is available in different sizes (for 25, 50, or 100 keys). Rising energy costs are not an issue at all, as the key manager uses a patented mechanism that requires no electricity. You simply insert an operator stick, unlock the desired key, and then remove it!