Guard control systems

We offer you guard control systems/ installations. These are recording and documentation systems for mobile services. For detailed information click on the respective product or read the information material.


General information


Guard control systems (also known as guard control systems) are recording and documentation systems for mobile services and have almost completely replaced time clocks. With time clocks, security guards were previously able to prove that they had been at certain times at places to be monitored.


Our guard control systems now offer a wider range of applications thanks to additional functions such as emergency call button, dead man's switch (position alarm), movement alarm (inactivity), integrated cell phone function, etc. However, the specified functions are device-dependent.


Applications and components






Before using a guard control system, control points are created in the software and attached to the points to be controlled. After the data collector has been configured, the mobile service provider can start working and also document the control points by recording them with the guard control system.


Once the data has been evaluated by the software, reports of varying scope can be sent to the end customer. This enables the service provider to guarantee reliable and complete documentation of the service provided. Our guard control systems thus provide the basis for performance-oriented billing.